Tuesday, June 21, 2011


There must have been a heck of a storm here today while I was working, because I came home to a catastrophic fracture to one of my lovely tomato plants. Darn. Hopefully a little string will help it recover??

Also on the patio these days is this little Basil plant in a custom, handmade basil bucket. I just used a free online font that was made up of dots and copied it onto a piece of paper. I got several of these little tin buckets from the dollar section of target, filled them with water, and froze them. This helps to keep the bucket from caving in when you...you know...go at the dots with a hammer and nail. Then I just planted my basil seeds and luckily nothing has rusted.

There is a cilantro bucket half completed in my freezer right now, because the ice fell out and refused to go back in. Now that it's half completed and there are holes punched in the sides, I can't fill it back up with water and I'm stumped about how to finish it up. So, the basil is lonely. And lovely.

P.S. I'm sure this has already been thought of somewhere out there in the craft world, but not anywhere where I heard of it, otherwise I would have posted a link. Enjoy!

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